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Are Americans Concerned About our Constitution “Critics?”

The main Houston newspaper, on Thursday November 20, 2014 announced that President Obama would give his speech that night on his plans to overhaul the U.S. Immigration System by Executive Order. That’s the news. But the insinuation in their headline was that anyone who objects to Obama’s seeming kingship are simply ‘critics.’  “Immigrants and Critics Await President Obama’s Announcement…”

Wait a minute!  CRITICS?

What about concerned Americans? What about our U.S. Constitution and the doctrine of separation of powers.

We the People are Concerned Americans

No matter what you think about the illegal immigrants, over 5 million of them, living in the United States, the issue to be concerned about is deeper. It’s the very structure and fabric of our United States under its governing constitution. Congress enacts laws, the executive branch just upholds them. The Executive Branch cannot make laws on its own, and by Obama changing the right to work for millions of illegal immigrants, he is writing new law and upsetting the governing order of our country.

I have no problem with immigrants coming here, living, working and even becoming citizens. I do have a problem with a president to waves a pen and creates law unlawfully. You should be too.

This action, if allowed to prevail, cuts a deep divide in our government mandated by our constitution. The president is chucking legally passed laws, overriding them with his own, and says it’s legal even though he said it would be illegal and inappropriate to do so some 25 times during his Presidency.

Concerned Americans need to speak up and they need to do it fast. Nothing is more harmful to our country than a lawless President who thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.

I won’t ramble on but I do encourage you to write your representatives in Congress and demand they take action to preserve the very constitution our political leaders are sworn to upheld. Do whatever you can to preserve our Republic and God bless you as you do.

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