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Anti-Islamic Rallies Continue and Attract More in Germany

Anti-Islamic Ralies

Around 18,000 Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West activists rallied in protest against the immigration of Muslims in Germany yesterday. Although Merkel urged Germans to shun the rallies in her New Year’s speech, saying the organizers “all too often have prejudice, coldness, and yes, hatred in their hearts,” more Germans turned out to rally against Islamization than did before her comments.

Merkel called the protests racism but is this really a racist issue? Protesting against a race might be but protesting against a religion that wants to change the laws and customs of the foreign country Muslims move into is quite a different story.

Islamic terrorist groups have declared war on the west. One war tactic is to move large numbers of people into the country you are invading. The goal is to take it over by sheer numbers. When you have enough people moved in, you can escalate your campaign to conquer the target nation.  Protesting against such moves is not racist, it’s defensive strategy at a time of war.

Here’s a video about the protests:


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