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There are People Who Still Want Answers!


People Want Answers

I just want to thank God for leading someone to me that has a heart for the truth. It’s been a long, long time since I met someone who truly wants answers and actually listens, considers and checks out what I’m saying to “see if those things are so.”

A month ago I was introduced to a young man named Michael. As we talked I noticed his enthusiasm whenever I mentioned something about God or Jesus or the Bible.  Then the questions started coming. Some people ask questions just to feign interest, but Michael was different. He asked because he wanted to know.

When I answered a question and referred to a Bible verse, he quickly looked up the verse using his Internet connection on his mobile phone. That is rare indeed. He read whatever I recommended and then talked about it with me.

I invited Michael to my Saturday morning Bible study at my home and he attended just as he said he would. I taught the first several chapters of Genesis to show how everything got started and his interest piqued even more. For three weeks we met every Saturday morning and a couple times through the week. Michael absorbed every word and is more committed to truth than ever.

Tuesday morning the Army recruiter came and took Michael away to boot camp. He signed up so he could go to college without getting in debt. This is a wise person and we prayed for his protection as he goes to serve his country. I will miss Michael tremendously but we’ll keep in touch, I’m sure. Some may say that I helped Michael along, and praise God if that is true, but to me, he helped me more than I helped him. You see he gave me hope that there still are people after God’s own heart.  There are still people hungering and thirsting after God. There are still those who want to know what life is about and how they fit in.

Thank you Michael for your heart and for your commitment to the truth. Thank you Jesus for bringing Michael along to show me, once again, that you are in charge and you know those who you have called. Praise to you!


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