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Americans are Attacking Religious Freedom — Why?


Stand up for Religious FreedomThe United States of America used to be a place that defended religious freedom at all costs. That is why our country was founded. Thousands of decent people lost their lives defending our right to worship God as we see fit. The preamble of our Constitution of the United States declares we have unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and our government is founded on the principle of life, liberty and justice for all.

So why are there so many complaints — and threats — coming forth from Americans about Indiana’s and Arkansas’ new Religion Freedom Restoration Acts?  Are not these laws simply upholding what our Constitution already says?  To me they seem redundant but I understand why they are being passed.  It’s due to unprecedented assaults on religious liberty that they are needed to remind people and enforce what our Constitution already guarantees us.

You may have a better answer than I do, and please use the comments to suggest them, but my take is that we have fallen so far from the standard of righteousness in this country that unrighteousness is now prevailing. If I am correct, and this pattern isn’t corrected quickly, we are on the slipperiest road to our own nation’s demise. II say this with great fear for our nation as a whole and for the safety of Christians living here. Am I overreacting? Please let me know.

Although not one word in any of the laws passed by 19 states and the Federal government even mention the word ‘gay,’ the biggest outcry is from the gay community. Are gays not concerned about religious freedom in America?  Many gas are religious. It seems to me they are concerned solely about their own persecution and have no interest in defending the rights of others.

We have heads of companies, including Apple and Walmart, decrying these new laws while those same companies do business daily in countries where gays are murdered just for being gay. Where is their outcry against those countries?  Why are they not threatening to leave those countries if they don’t change their policies? This is a grievous contradiction with a name:  hypocrisy.  While they are trying to water down our own constitution, they are doing nothing about standing against human rights crimes in these other countries where they make a profit.

The fear generated by these religious freedom laws has no ground for fact. Should a case arise where  someone claims their religious freedom was violated, the courts will have to decide whether that claim is true or not. There are plenty of other laws on the books to prevent discrimination against, for example, gays. Just because the religious freedom laws don’t spell out that gays should be protected, they feel they won’t be. That fear is unjustified in my opinion.

Americans Should Be More Concerned with Preserving Freedom for All Americans Rather than Freedom Just for Themselves

Those who would gladly repeal religious liberty are in grave danger of losing their own liberty. The erosion of human rights begins slowly and then escalates until government has totalitarian control or chaos ensues. This is the story of history my friend. There is no way around it. In this world, things start to decay and then they rot very quickly. Little can be done once the process starts.

Regardless of whether you are gay or not, Christian or not, Muslim or not — if you are an American, you need to fight for religious freedom because it is the foundation of human rights in our country. Once that is taken away, our other rights will tumble like dominoes.

I think the following admonition to Christians summarizes the thought I’m trying to present today.

Galatians 5:13  For you, brothers, were called to freedom. Only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity to gratify your flesh, but through love make it your habit to serve one another.

Although this is written to Christians, think deeply about the principle it is presenting. We used to be a people of principle in the United States of America but principles are being tossed aside for gratification of our own individual desires.

Those who think this ‘great’ nation can’t fall are deluded. Rome thought it was too ‘great’ to fall also.  It fell.  Babylon thought it was to mighty to fall.  It fell. The way I view  things now, from the political sphere down is that we are in a free fall that will only end in the loss of liberty for all.

I wrote a song a while back warning Americans about this trend in using freedom for their own ends.  It goes like this…

(from Letter to the U.S. by Richard Allen Golko)

This is a letter to the U.S.
A nation raging rights;
Everyone wants freedom:
To do what he delights;

But listen if you will love,
To the word I have to say;
Sodom and Gomorrah,
Reek of fire to this day.

If you truly love freedom you will support the Religious Restoration Acts throughout our country, even if you are atheist, because you risk losing your own freedom in the process of robbing others of theirs.  Be warned.


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