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Catholic Church being Sued by ACLU over Abortion


ACLU's Communist Founders


The wonderful ACLU, supposed progenitors of civil liberties, is suing the Catholic Church to try to force them to provide abortion funds for illegal immigrants. I speak tongue-in-cheek as suppressing constitutional religious rights is exactly the opposite of civil liberty. They are a confused bunch, bent on destroying the very religious foundation of our nation in my estimation.

There are two issues I see in this fight. The first is in regards to the Catholic Church accepting some 60 million U.S. government dollars to help illegal immigrants, and the second is about religious liberty and whether accepting government money trumps religious rights of an organization.

Christian Churches Should Not Accept Government Funds

Jesus said, “I will build my church.” He doesn’t need government money to do it. It’s sheer stupidity to accept money from the government if you are a Christian church because then you subject your program to secular rules and laws. Separation of church and state is a good idea because it leaves the church to do what God wants with much less government intervention. Separation of church and state doesn’t eliminate the right for Christians to enter the political arena and work to change things, but it does protect the church from being forced to do things against its core belief systems.

The Catholic Church, in my estimation, should return those funds and supply their own. They are the richest church on earth with vast financial reserves. They don’t even need government money to do a project such as this. Their numbers are so large that all they have to do is issue a request and they’d have more than 60 million to fund the project. Their acceptance of government money to do this work is nonsensical and borders on greed. Isn’t it more blessed to give than receive?

The Government Knew the Stance of the Catholic Church When They Agreed to Fund This Work

The second part of my argument is that the government knows well the position of the Catholic Church — and most Christians — on the issue of abortion when they signed the deal. Because of this, there is no way the ACLU or anyone else should be able to sue the Catholic Church to fund abortions contrary to their belief system. It’s a direct infringement on religious liberty and the very commission given to the church by Jesus Christ to carry out work according to the written Word of God.

To the ACLU I have this to say:  Beware lest you find yourself fighting against God. It’s not wise to become an enemy of the Creator of heaven and earth.

There is another aspect to this also. These immigrants are here illegally. They knew the risk of leaving their home countries and illegally entering the United States. Why should American tax dollars fund anything related to them? Now before you accuse me of hating immigrants, let me clarify my position. America was formed by immigrants. My parents’ parents were immigrants. I love all people whether they are immigrants or not. But I do not support illegal immigration. Illegal is the key word here.

In my estimation, the Catholic Church should never have accepted government money for this work. Had they done this out of their own coffers, what an example of Christian giving that would have been. Instead their actions have turned this into fertile ground for another lawsuit attacking religious freedom. We don’t need any more of those. The government-run courts don’t always decide in the interest of religion even though our Constitution of the United States demands. it.

Pray with me that Christian Churches will stop accepting government money and, figuratively speaking, stop sleeping with the devil.


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